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To understand how any business is really performing it is essential to take a data-driven approach to track actual results against targets and goals. But capturing, analysing and interpreting large volumes of data is a timeconsuming process that can lead to analysis paralysis, slow decision making and delays in getting work done. When building a high performance culture the key is to find the balance between trust and data, where people feel motivated, engaged and empowered to do their best work and collaborate with colleagues to make the business successful. Trust involves having a firm belief in the ability of someone or something to succeed, without necessarily knowing all the details or having all the data to prove everything is on track.

In this article Finding the Balance between Trust and Data, published in the February issue of Accountancy Ireland, I explore why trust is so critical for strong collaboration and great performance. I’ve also included some Top Tips for Building Trust based on my own experience and learnings over the years managing high performing teams.

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