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I provide coaching and mentoring services to help my clients make the changes they’re looking for, whether that’s figuring out the next step in their career, improving performance, or clarifying goals and how to achieve them. 

Having worked in multinational companies for over 25 years I’ve got first-hand experience of what it takes to be successful in fast paced, demanding environments, leading teams and delivering global projects. Back-to-back meetings, a never-ending stream of emails, pressure to consistently deliver strong results, all make it difficult to find time to focus on what’s really important and prioritise things that will make the biggest impact.  It can be difficult to find time to think about what really matters, what decisions or actions you can take now to make a real difference to your success and happiness.

I support my clients by helping them think through what they want to achieve, explore options, make realistic plans and develop the courage, conviction and self-belief to make change happen quickly.

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