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Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck, frustrated or stressed in your current role, but don’t know what to do about it? Is it hard to find time to think about your future and what your next move should be? Are you struggling to balance work and family commitments? Contact me today to arrange a free consultation to discuss how I can help.

I work with my clients to clarify want they want from their career, helping them take control, make decisions and implement plans to achieve their goals – whether that’s advancing to the next level, taking a career break, or changing direction to improve work-life balance.

The starting point is to clarify what you want to achieve, what motivates you, and what skills and experience you have.

The next step is to do a reality check, reviewing whether your goals are achievable, and whether they will deliver the long term benefits you’re looking for.

Having established realistic goals, we’ll focus on assessing your options and developing a solid action plan with clear timelines. We’ll also review what support you need to make the changes you want for a more fulfilling, rewarding career and life.

Executive Coaching

Do you want to achieve more and be more successful? Have you taken on a new role, or a new team, and need to deliver results quickly? Do you need to improve specific competencies to accelerate performance? Contact me today to find out how I can help with challenges like these.

At the start of each coaching engagement I work with my clients to clarify what their personal or organisations development goals are and agree a tailored programme of one-to-one or team sessions to suit their specific needs.

Coaching provides a safe, confidential environment where my clients can have open and frank conversations about problems, opportunities and options. It provides a thinking space to focus on developing strategies and realistic plans to achieve their personal and business goals, and develop the courage and conviction to implement plans and overcome barriers.

Having worked for over 25 years in major companies, managing teams and leading global projects, I can relate to the challenges my clients face and leverage my experience to support them in making changes to improve performance and results.

The duration of each coaching engagement is tailored to client’s specific needs, but typically consist of 5 to 6 sessions over six months.

Team Coaching

Could you improve business results by improving collaboration within or across teams? Do you want to create a high performance culture? Contact me to discuss how I can help with your specific requirements. 

I run a one day ‘Meeting of Minds Workshop’ to promote awareness of different Thinking and Behavioural styles in groups and deepen understanding of how each individual’s behaviour impacts team dynamics and results.

Prior to attending the workshop attendees complete an online Emergenetics psychometric questionnaire to create individual and group profiles. These profiles are shared during the workshop to explore how different thinking and behavioural styles in the team impact interpersonal relationships and team performance.

The most successful teams leverage the strengths of each team member to produce well thought-out solutions and plans to achieve clearly defined goals and outcomes.

The workshop is highly interactive, with multiple exercises to deepen insights in a fast-paced fun environment. To get the most from the session and ensure lasting results a follow-up session is usually scheduled after the workshop to reinforce learnings and check progress on improving team collaboration and performance.

Consulting and Training

Contact me today to discuss how I can help with your organisation’s specific requirements, for example: 

  • Developing and Delivering Company Specific Training
  • Meeting and Brainstorming Facilitation
  • Project Management Processes and Portfolio Governance
  • New Manager Development and Support
  • Psychometric Assessments to Improve Self Awareness